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Resident Alien TP1 cover

From A Library – Resident Alien: Welcome To Earth!

Resident Alien #0–3 Written by Peter Hogan Art/Colour/Letters by Steve Parkhouse Dr Harry Vanderspeigle lives outside the small mountain town of Patience, USA. He’s a semi-retired doctor who keeps to himself, until the local police ask him to help in an investigation – the only doctor in town has been murdered, and he’s the only other doctor in the area.…

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Moorcock Library Elric Volume 1 Cover

Comic Book Review – Elric Volume 1: Elric Of Melniboné

The Michael Moorcock Library Elric created by Michael Moorcoock Script and adaptation by Roy Thomas Art by Michael T Gilbert and P Craig Russell Lettered by Tom Orzechowski Original editor: Michael Friedrich Collection edited by Tom Williams Published by Titan Comics Originally published in 1983/1984 by Pacific Comics, these six issues adapting the first Elric novel (Elric of Melniboné) have…

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iZombie Vol 1 cover

From A Library: iZombie

Created/written by Chris Roberson & created/drawn by Michel Allred iZombie: Dead to the World (iZombie #1–5 and part of The House of Mystery Halloween Annual #1) iZombie: uVampire (iZombie #6–12 and The House of Mystery Halloween Annual #2) iZombie: Six Feet Under and Rising (iZombie #13–18) iZombie: Repossession (iZombie #19–28) Now that iZombie has premiered on television, it seemed a good…

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Comic Book Review: Kick-Ass 3

Kick-Ass 3 #1–8 Written by Mark Millar Pencils by John Romita Jr Inks by Tom Palmer Colours by Dean White with Michael Kelleher Letters by Chris Eliopoulos Edited by Jennifer Lee Published by Titan Books After the events of Kick-Ass 2 (the comic book), Mindy McCready, aka Hit-Girl, is in prison and waiting to be sprung by Dave Lizewski, aka…

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God Is Dead Vol. 1 cover

Comic Book Review: God Is Dead Volume One

God Is Dead #1–6 Created by Jonathan Hickman Written by Jonathan Hickman and Mike Costa Art by Di Amorim Colours by Juanmar Letters by Kurt Hathaway Published by Avatar Press In April and May 2015, a range of disasters strike around the global: a volcanic eruption, a massive temperature drop, massive rainfall, incredible sandstorms, a huge seismic event. The death…

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