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Current Comics March 2015

My comics pull list as of March 2015

I’ve been blogging (sporadically at times) about comics for over 10 years now. A lot has changed in that time, such as the proliferation of the comic book movie, and so have my comic book habits. As I discussed when I praised libraries, I get a large part of my comic-book fix from borrowing collected editions, mainly due to the…

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Theatre Review: Usagi Yojimbo

Image ©Richard Davenport I’ve been reading the comic book adventures of Usagi Yojimbo – created, written and drawn by Stan Sakai – for over 20 years of the 30-year existence, so it was a delight to see a live-action play at the Southwark Playhouse. Like the books, the play is for all ages (from 7 years and up) and is the…

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In Praise Of Libraries

As should be apparent from the fact that I blog about comic books I’ve read, I enjoy reading rather a lot (in both senses: I enjoy the act of reading very much and I enjoy reading an enormous number of books). I also enjoy reading legal copies of books – I believe that creators should receive payment for their hard…

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Power Pack #27 cover

Finding Power Pack #27

Power Pack #27, written by Louise Simonson, pencils by Jon Bogdanove, inks by Al Gordon, colours by Glynis Oliver, edits by Carl Potts, editor-in-chief Jim Shooter, published in 1986. I don’t want to use the phrase ‘Holy Grail’ to describe something rare and long sought because (a) I grew up Catholic and I don’t want to associate a positive thing…

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Dissecting a press release

Dissecting A Comic Book Press Release

I get some press releases from comic book companies. Not many, but enough for them to be a regular feature in my inbox. I’m not sure quite how that happened – my email address has been harvested by a social media company that has been selling it on incorrectly to PR companies, but I don’t know if comic book companies’…

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Alan Davis at NICE 2012

My Embarrassingly Late Notes About The Northants International Comics Expo

The first Northants International Comics Expo (I think the ‘International’ is stretching it, but I guess they wanted the groovy acronym; a bit like the Dublin International Comics Expo wanted ‘D.I.C.E.’) was held in Wicksteed Park, Kettering, on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 September. I attended on the Saturday because that was the day with the greatest reason to be there…

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