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Clandestine Critic’s Current Comics Comments

The title needs work, but it will do for now. So, let’s have a look at the comics I purchased for my own entertainment pleasure last week:

Authority: Revolution #4
Still haven’t decided if I like this yet, as it hasn’t quite clicked for me yet. I don’t read his Captain America, but it makes me wonder if Ed Brubaker is a straight superhero kind of guy. Still, this issue has some nice stuff, like Jenny Quantum, and the Dustin Nguyen’s handle on the team is beginning to gel.

Daredevil #69
I’m really enjoying Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev’s run on Daredevil, and this story is no different, with the fractured narrative helping the story to develop in a more satisfying manner. The additions to history, the effects on the future and the lovely moments that Bendis puts into his better work are fine additions to the Daredevil canon, and Maleev is more than up to the job, from his fantastic covers to his ability to keep a sense of continuity even when aping the old style comics.

Powers #8
Bendis has his teeth in another great little idea, with cops accidentally killing someone who has paid a superhero to be able to do their job, with the power gem supposedly missing, and the best double team in comics, Pilgrim and Walker, on the job. Mike Oeming’s art matches the feel of the snappy dialogue and askew look at the world of powers and cops.

Wanted #6
This rather silly ending reminded me of Mark Millar’s Chosen, which was also a big ‘Fuck You’ to the audience, after they stuck with the story for the duration, while he laughs to himself at the computer. I had enjoyed the rest of the series, but felt let down. J.G. Jones’ art looks lovely, even if Eminem, Halle Berry and Tommy Lee Jones should ask for copyright reimbursement (he said, referencing Chasing Amy).

Wonder Woman #212
Having avoided superheroics for most of his run, Greg Rucka throws in the whole JLA for good measure. Seems a little at odds with the rest of his run, but he still keeps things on track with Greek mythology still a strong part, other pieces are moved into place and previous storylines aren’t forgotten just because we’re onto the next chapter. Guest artist James Raiz does a good job, although the occasional panel seems a little off, which throws me out of the story.

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  1. Greg

    I felt more than let down by the ending of Wanted. I have decided to stop buying any comics with the name Mark Millar on them (okay, if it’s only endorsed by Millar, maybe I’ll look at it). I like Ultimates, but I’m so offended by the end of Wanted that it has passed the last issue of Identity Crisis as the worst comic to come out in the last decade. I’m glad I haven’t seen many good things about the last issue of Wanted, because maybe Millar will get back to telling decent stories instead of crapping all over his audience.

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