Comedy: Chris Morris profile

Some Chris Morris news in this Observer profile [EDIT: broken link].

Chris Morris is a modern comedy god, from radio’s On The Hour, television’s The Day Today (a news parody so accurately scary and prophetic, I can no longer watch news programmes seriously) and the infamous Brass Eye, and now he’s going to be bringing us a sitcom, for which the world should be grateful.

For more information, try the excellent Glebe’s Thrift Funnel, or this Wikipedia entry for a quick fact felch, or you can listen to the genius of the man at the excellent Cook’d and Bomb’d website, which has lots of wonderful stuff for the discerning fan.

Update: Walking to the tube, I saw a poster for what looked like a new mobile phone, with a catch-quote of “It’s well weapon”. I was scared that this was for a genuine product. Fortunately, it was not; it’s a parody ad for the new sitcom, Nathan Barley, co-written by Chris Morris. You can see the ad in full here, which is just one of many things on the site from the series which looks to be great. (Thanks to Londonist for that.)

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