Comics: Incoming Issues

(So, BlogThis! allows me to post things for the moment, so I can appease my addiction to posting my opinions.)

Comics being held for me at my favourite London comic shop, Gosh!, this week:

Usagi Yojimbo #81
JLA Classified #3
Legion Of Super Heroes #2
Planetary #22
Sleeper Season Two #8
Fantastic Four #522

(With thanks to Chuck who emails the New Comics Release List, week in, week out, to let people know what comics, among other things, are shipping.)

Looking forward to a new dose of Usagi, after the Art of Usagi Yojimbo hardcover (see here for my review), there hasn’t been one in a while. I’m one of those folks who liked-but-didn’t-love Seaguy, so I didn’t buy We 3 as it came out, which appears to be a mistake, given the excellent word it has gained on the blogosphere, so I’ll be picking up the trade when it appears. To make up for it, I have some Grant Morrison Mainstream Madness in JLA Classified. Always good to see more Planetary, even with the protracted wait between issues. Mark Waid gets a double hit with LSH & FF; I’m intrigued by his take on the LSH, and his FF has been a lot of fun, so it’ll be a shame to see him & Ringo move on after #524.

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