Journalist knows nothing – my inner geek sees red

There is a free newspaper in tube stations here in London called The Metro. If it wasn’t free, and didn’t publish a cryptic crossword I can complete, I probably wouldn’t get it. But old student habits are hard to break, so a free paper is part of my morning ritual.

In it, they report on the Stan Lee/Marvel case. However, they refer to Stan as ‘the artist who created Spider-Man’ and ‘who also drew the Hulk and the X-Men’ (emphasis my own). I wish they put their items on the web so I could point you in their direction and you could bombard them with hate mail.

I know that comic book knowledge is not high on the majority of people’s list of ‘things to know’, but for a journalist not to even bother getting facts right? They’ve stolen the info from other sources anyway, so why did they have to say that Stan drew the comics? It makes me so angry, the disregard that the media has for the comic book art form, but it’s never going to change, is it?

I’m going to be sad for a bit now. You may leave.

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