Comedy: More Peep Show To Come

Excuse the awful pun in the title.

Chortle reports that Channel 4 has reordered a new series of Peep Show, which is very good news. Peep Show is one of the under-rated gems on Channel 4, winning awards and critical acclaim but not the ratings. I think the reason for this is the cringing proximity to reality that the comedy is based upon, which can be too intense for some, like my girlfriend for example, where the awfulness of the situation can make you sick to your stomach. However, it is very, very funny.

Peep Show is about Mark and Jeremy (played by Robert Webb, who you may recognise from The Smoking Room, and David Mitchell, who are about to have another series of their own comedy show on Radio 4 this week, starting Thursday), who live together for no other reason than they shared a room at university. Mark is uptight and works in an office and is very sad; Jeremy is a wannabe pop star with no talent. The magic ingredient to this sitcom is that we can hear the thoughts of the two lead characters, no matter how inane, disgusting or stupid they may be.

Tapping into the same vein of ‘theatre-of-embarrassment’ as I’m Alan Partridge and The Office, this show is both excruciating and hilarious simultaneously, as you watch through your fingers and laugh in the same moment. The first series in particular was the perfect blend of this mix, something that I don’t think they quite achieved in the second series, with more emphasis on the cringe than the comedy. Hopefully, the third series will bring back the laughs to the forefront and that the viewing public will recognise the dark genius of the show.

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