Comics: Careful what you wait for…

One of the reasons I haven’t gone over to the ‘waiting for the trade’ game is because of my worry that the things I won’t like won’t get collected. I’m not talking about the big stuff which I know will be collected – as much as I enjoy Joss Whedon’s writing and the art of John Cassaday, there is no way in hell that Astonishing X-Men wasn’t going to be collected, which is how I purchased, and thoroughly enjoyed, the series. I’m talking about the stuff which you know in your bones has a slim chance.

Something like Razor’s Edge: Redbird, which has been cancelled, without the first one being published. After me saying only the other day that I might wait for the trade …

According to a comment [EDIT: dead link] on the post where I first saw this item (thanks Graeme), Ed Brubaker steps in to quell the rumours that it’s nothing to do with his exclusivity deal with Marvel. He can’t mention details, obviously, but it is a reassurance. It’s just a shame we won’t be seeing some Pearson art. I’ve loved his stuff since his Legion of Super Heroes days, thought his Dragon: Blood & Guts (a homage to the Hong Kong films of John Woo, using the Savage Dragon) was deliriously good stuff, and enjoyed Body Bags immensely. I hope we get to see some stuff from him soon.

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