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I haven’t gone to the shop to pick up last week’s books yet – there were only the two, and I’m still not sure about The Intimates yet, so that didn’t make me want to make the trip – hence the lack of reviews of comics, and putting me in danger of losing my status of clandestine critic. Hopefully, this will be remedied by this week’s list of comics heading toward Chez Clandestine Critic:

Fables #34
Gotham Central #28
Captain America & The Falcon #12
Ultimates 2 #3

I’m still debating Vimanarama #1 – I dig Grant Morrison, and love Philip Bond’s art, but I don’t know if this tale is for me. The preview at the DC site [EDIT: broken link] doesn’t tell me much (I’d link straight to the preview, but it’s a pdf, and I don’t know if I’d want to do that to you), the Ninth Art Forecast boys pick it as their book of the week, but they haven’t seen it yet. Randy and Don over at The Fourth Rail both give it high marks, but I’m still not sure. How vacillating can one man be? I hope I don’t take so long to decide in the shop …

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