Comics: Incoming Issues

I can hear voices, singing to me … (with apologies to the late, great Curtis Mayfield)

I’m your Marvel, I’m your DC,
I’m that indy in the alley.
I’m the seller of your books.
Want some comics? Have a look.
You know me, I’m your friend,
Graphic novels, thick and thin.
I’m your Pamphlet-Man.

The pamphlets of pictorial pleasure, aiming to get me high this week:

Legion of Super Heroes #3
Seven Soldiers #0
Sleeper Season Two #9
Wonder Woman #213
Hunter-Killer #1
Fantastic Four #523
Powers #9

A fine selection indeed, from the mellow weed high of Waid superhero comics, to the dialogue & noir ecstasy of Powers & Sleeper, to the amphetamine madness of Seven Soldiers, injecting pure Grant Morrison into my veins. Thursday’s too long to wait….

(Edited to include LSH, which I don’t know how I forgot it, making it a hat-trick week for Waid.)

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