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Comics: Incoming Issues

I can hear voices, singing to me … (with apologies to the late, great Curtis Mayfield)

I’m your Marvel, I’m your DC,
I’m that indy in the alley.
I’m the seller of your books.
Want some comics? Have a look.
You know me, I’m your friend,
Graphic novels, thick and thin.
I’m your Pamphlet-Man.

The pamphlets of pictorial pleasure, aiming to get me high this week:

Legion of Super-Heroes #3
Seven Soldiers #0
Sleeper Season Two #9
Wonder Woman #213
Hunter-Killer #1
Fantastic Four #523
Powers #9

A fine selection indeed, from the mellow weed high of Mark Waid superhero comics, to the dialogue and noir ecstasy of Powers and Sleeper, to the amphetamine madness of Seven Soldiers, injecting pure Grant Morrison into my veins. Thursday’s too long to wait …

(Edited to include LSH, which I don’t know how I forgot it, making it a hat-trick week for Waid.)

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