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Concise Current Comics Comments

I really have to seek psychological attention for my alliteration addiction …

A quick scan of what tickled my four-colour funny bone last week:

Usagi Yojimbo #81
Even though Usagi is nowhere to be seen, the two short stories involving supporting characters are still great stuff.

JLA Classified #3
Superhero madness from the mind of Grant Morrison. Ed McGuinness is an able partner. I felt this was over too quick, but that could be because I wanted to see more of the story.

Legion Of Super-Heroes #2
I like Mark Waid’s take on the LSH, so I’ll be sticking around for the foreseeable future (which is a pun reference to the story itself, involving Dream Girl’s home planet, where they can see the future; who says comics are self-referential when the blogger’s do it too?). Smart and funny, and Barry Kitson has excellent storytelling skills.

Planetary #22
Warren Ellis riffs on the Lone Ranger. Some fun with Western pulp and some back story on The Spider, one of the seven, meaning that everyone has to go scrabbling for back issues to see how things connect. Fantastic Cassady art, as always, complements a perfect package.

Sleeper Season Two #8
Twists and turns and putting the characters in difficult situations. Ed Brubaker keeps up the high level of quality on this comic, while Sean Phillips’ moody and dark art matches the tone perfectly.

Fantastic Four #522
The most enjoyable the FF have been in a long time. Waid obviously likes Johnny Storm and, like Wally West during his Flash tenure, sees a bit of himself in the character, allowing him to write from his perspective so well. Ringo’s art is a great mix of the cartoony and the cosmic, and it’s hard to see another artist having such a good take on the characters for the foreseeable future.

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