Content is an illusion, links doubly so

My brain isn’t firing correctly at the moment. Bizarre thoughts percolate. I see a news item about how DVDs are going to be harder to copy – my brain wonders if that is going to make the DVD pirates say to themselves, ‘Ah, look what they’ve done now. We’re never going to crack them now, so we might as well forget it now lads.’? But then it thinks, why would they announce it? Are they laying down a challenge to the copiers?

Either my brain isn’t as sophisticated as I thought it was, or I am getting old and my mental capacity is deteriorating rapidly. When reading that someone who had their mobile phone stolen and then found out it had been used for £625 worth of calls to Pakistan, my brain thought, why would anyone make that amount of calls to Pakistan? It’s kind of sad, really.

Anyway, I want to write my review of the film screening I saw on Sunday (although, I feel a bit odd doing a review of a film that has been out in the US for a while, knowing that the global nature of the internet means it looks odd for someone doing a review of a screening so long after it has been out), but can’t do it while the mind is melting. So, instead, by the power of linky blog magic:

The trailer for The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is online [EDIT: not any longer – link removed), at of all places (via Empire). Looks good, even if aimed at people who haven’t read the book.

A review of That Mitchell and Webb Sound, by a slightly scary looking old woman, saying how wonderful it is, which is true, even if she gives me the creeps.

A review of Nathan Barley. I keep wondering if I should, in tradition of accumulating comedy catchphrases from programmes I enjoy into my vocabulary, use the ones from Nathan Barley; however, would that prove that I am an idiot, as in the show, by using the same vapid expressions invented by the creators to parody the lack of creativity of the very people they are lampooning?

An interview with James Jean [EDIT: dead link], Eisner award winner for covers, at Newsarama, the day after I was saying how great he was. Spooky …

There’s probably more, but head-controlly thingy not thingying properly anymore, so …

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  • Greg 16 February 2005 at 5:36 pm

    Why would anyone make that many calls to Pakistan???? I guess there are some people in Pakistan worth talking to …


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