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Joe Quesada’s reign at Newsarama continues, with him and Brian Michael Bendis having a seance with Hawkeye (other good stuff includes the interview with Tom Breevort, who is honest and intelligent, as well as the continuation of the interview with Bendis – for the best response, see the end of this Rampage post about it, and then see the blogosphere explode in the comments section[which no longer exists since Haloscan went kaput]).

In bizarre news, Peter David comments in his usual intelligent manner about the Georgia comics retailer being prosecuted for handing out comics with extremely minor, non-pornographic nudity in them, while this news item (found via Warren Ellis) reports on the Virginia state house making wearing your underpants so they are visible above the top of your trousers against the law. What kind of fucked-up country do you Americans live in? (And I lived, for nearly two years a while back.)

To connect comics and sex, here’s a link to Howard Chaykin talking about his new comic which, if he does what he does best, should have plenty of buxom women in stockings and suspenders running around in there somewhere (which the preview pages indicate will be true.) Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy Chaykin when he does this stuff, owning his Shadow revival, American Flagg!, and even Black Kiss, among others, so I’ll be looking forward to this (although probably in the trade format) but perhaps not as much as Ian, who has written very eloquently on why Chaykin is so great.

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