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Social life equals no blog content

So, not much in the way of original posting today. I’ve had a busy social weekend where I was out enjoying the company of good friends and free films (which I’ll review shortly) and helping the Chinese celebrate their New Year by eating dim sum in London’s Chinatown, so no opportunity to read my comics haul, let alone review them. Instead, a few quick bits.

1. I hate Valentine’s day, as does my girlfriend (one of the many, many reasons I love her), so Bah, Humbug! to all you saps who fall for the stupid fabricated commercial sham that it plainly is.

2. TV – Nathan Barley was very funny, and quietly moving as well, but hasn’t quite hit its stride yet. The best gags were in the details, so there is genius behind it, so hopefully it will come to the front more often.

3. Comics – The 100 things I Love About Comics speeds round the comic blogs faster than, well, I suppose it would have to be a speeding bullet, to keep in character, but that seems a little slow for internet; it should probably be something like ‘… faster than the Flash with a case of diarrhoea after eating a curry’ or something like that. I don’t know, I don’t invent culturally approved phrasings.

Alan has posted his annotations to his 100 Things I Love About Comics, which is timely because a whole load of others have decided to do the same. I haven’t joined them yet (see above) but I am thinking about, which is part of the operation. Well done to all the noble bloggers who listed; inspiring stuff all round. Thank you all.

(Update: more comic bloggers join the meme – see Mike for full list, as he keeps updating)

4. Comic blogs – A quick congrats to Johnny Bacardi on doing some professional writing. He is one of the good guys, so it’s nice to see something good coming back to him.

That is all.

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