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Blame it on the sunshine

The sun is shining in Old London Town, which is a pleasant change, making my mood pleasant and benign. I have no desire to criticise or comment sarcastically, even on something like Countdown to Infinite Crisis, which is obviously asking for it.

Instead, let us visit other parts of the internet, and marvel at its glory …

Diamond Geezer tells me more about Easter Day than I ever knew, and I was raised Catholic. He is a smart and informative chap with lots to say and to say well, like his Tourist Map of London, so go and be entertained.

Kevin Smith decides to share even more than usual in this diary post [EDIT: see this Internet Archive link]. I’ve read his article for Arena describing anal leakage, and yet even this seems too personal. Stuff like:

– An awesome 2 hour session of afternoon delight with the wife.


– I get up around six a.m. with a wicked piss-boner. Jen’s still sleeping, so there isn’t much I can do with it. Jerking off isn’t an option, as Harley’s taken to sleeping on our couch.


– I find Jen upstairs slaving over the Bunny cake, then head down to the bathroom for a half hour shit/Nintendo DS session.

Still, makes me feel better about the diary I keep.

The esteemable Greg is now a contributor over at Comics Should Be Good. This is his first column. Good job, Greg, and keep up the good work.

Ian mocks the House of M [EDIT: dead link], and rightfully so.

Even though I live in England, I can’t possibly absorb everything interesting that comes out here. Fortunately, Kevin is there to catch the things that get by, as in this post, where he links to a piece saying that Robert Louis Stevenson was under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs. Which explains a lot.

A different David does his weekly look at what is worthy of attention from this week’s shipping comics, which is always a good place to check if you’re missing out on anything.

And, in leaving, I just wanted to share that I finally saw Rio Bravo, a very enjoyable film, made more so by it being the first time I can remember a character saying ‘Jumpin’ Jehosophat’ in a non-ironic fashion.

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  1. Greg

    Thanks for the publicity. I will try to live up to your high standards!

  2. Logan

    Rio Bravo is one of the finest movies ever made, and depending on what day it is, my favorite film of all time!

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