Comics: Incoming Issues

I’ve just talked about comics not turning up for another three months and now I’m talking about the books I’ll be buying this week (hopefully). I blame the blogging bug. Line ’em up:

Garth Ennis’s 303 #4
100 Bullets #59
Authority: Revolution #6
Seven Soldiers: Guardian #1
Sleeper Season Two #10
Daredevil #71
Runaways #2

I’m also thinking about The Expatriate #1, based on things I’ve read about it, but it’s a full week as it is and finances may not stretch to an impulse buy. This is a hard-boiled week, with war, crime and conspiracy dramas providing the basis for the majority of my list, so the superhero madness of Grant Morrison and the old-school flava of Runaways should offer a palate cleanser after the intensity of the others. Although, saying that, I’ll probably read Guardian first because I won’t be able to wait until I read the others.

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