Moaning post – ignore if genuine content is your desire

Halfway through March and a handful of posts? Where is the dynamism of January and February? And why am I doing what sounds suspiciously like an apologetic post when rule 29 in this post tells you specifically not to?

There are many reasons, involving not freelancing, birthdays, home internet connection and laziness. But the strongest reason was trepidation. People are actually reading this blog, which is a shock, a nice shock. Now, when I sit down to write something, I become a little paralysed with fear at the thought that my words should be intelligent, funny, interesting, or at least readable.

All part of the process, I guess. Hopefully, I can overcome this nonsense and get back to reviewing, chatting, linking and slagging off things, which is what this blog is all about. If you’ve been checking in on me, thanks for doing so. I promise to do better and make it worth your while.

(Looks like I took the ‘clandestine’ bit a tad too literally …)

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