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Threadless post, concerning comics

Even after a great weekend, I feel like crap, so I could be coming down with something. Nevertheless, my urge to blog is overwhelming. Let’s see what we can do …

There was a lot of news from Wizard LA over at comic news websites, much of which didn’t signify much, as evidenced by the lack of note by the blogosphere. One thing that got to me was in this article, where Joe Quesada worries me concerning the upcoming Mark Waid Spider-Man stories. About the authors writing the three main Spider-Man titles, he says:

telling more “unified” stories about Peter Parker. Quesada also said they’ve “plotted out the next two years for Spider-Man.”

Personally, I want people telling the stories they want to tell, not a committee working out stuff that will happen over multiple series. Did that triangle thing work for Superman? I don’t want to buy other comics to enjoy a story from someone with ability and a vision. Is it too much to ask for Marvel to produce Mark Waid-written, Mike Weiringo-drawn Spider-Man comics? Or is it just me?

I was thinking about the news of Joss Whedon and Wonder Woman. I was wondering what the story could be. Wonder Woman has a strange history, having been created by a psychologist, suffered the curse of the bondage covers, had DC attempt to shoe-horn her into a position of importance in the DCU, while the most successful series in the books has seen the Amazonian aspect pushed to the fore. And, yet, to my mind, more people have the television series as the influence for the film. I only have vague memories of Lynda Carter swinging around to change costume, a painful looking leotard and a memorable theme tune, and I consider myself a comic book fan. Who are her main villains? How will Joss tell the origin story (as this must surely be the source for the film)? While X-Men and Spider-Man have years of stories and strong protagonists to choose from, what will Joss have to pick through? I’m hopeful, because I’ve enjoyed the various stories that Joss has given us, but I’m a little hesitant.

I was going to have a bash at the Marvel Solicitations for June, but I really don’t have the energy. Hopefully I’ll be up to the task of pouring through the hype tomorrow, and share my thoughts with you.

And in some good news, I have finally got round to buying my comics for the last three weeks. I’d be reading them now, but work tends to frown on me not actually doing the work they pay me for, so that will have to wait. I’ve got some serious reading to catch up on, followed by some serious reviewing.

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