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Now, I want YOUR opinions…

Having accepted the Blogaround challenge (in this post) and then reading that Evan very kindly said nice things about me in this post, after I emailed & blogged some constructive criticism of his site after he asked for opinion of his site, and saw that he got some good criticism from other kindly comic bloggers, it got me thinking – would it be brazen of me to ask for your opinion of this blog? I primarily post for myself but I also want other people to read my blog, so it would be helpful and interesting to know what people think of the blog and what they would want to read here as well.

So, I WANT YOU AND YOUR OPINIONS – I want your non-clandestine criticisms …

Please feel free to either email or leave a comment with your thoughts, criticisms and suggestions regarding this blog; all will be gratefully accepted. Thank you in advance.


And now, I’m going to tell you what comics I will be buying this week for my own nefarious reasons:
Jack Cross #1
Legion of Super-Heroes #9
Daredevil #76
Queen & Country: Declassified v2 #2

Note that I am not getting Q&C: Declassified v3 because it is not by Mr Rucka, no offence to Mr Johnston. This is probably very silly but I’m not a fan of spin-off material done by someone other than the original creator. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been burned by bad experiences (which I have erased from my memory, as I can’t recall any specific examples) or if it’s a rule of thumb supposedly skewing towards a principle. I feel bad because it is Oni but don’t want to go back on my guideline.

I’m looking forward to Jack Cross, as I’m partial to Warren Ellis, spies and violent gun-play, which is covered by this single book – how lucky am I? Daredevil #76 begins Bendis & Maleev’s final arc, so I’m expecting big things; Bendis has been telling some very good stories, so his final tale should be a doozy.

In other stuff, Greg lets you know that you should own Avengers Forever, and he is quite correct. Logan answers my question regarding why he has so many crap DVDs in his collection. And Peter David talks about the new X-Factor book [EDIT: dead link], which is fortunately not called New X-Factor.

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  1. Logan

    Well, it’s no secret that I love your blog, but there are a few things I’d like to see change. Actually, only two. The comments, because I hate Bloggers comment thing, and I’d like to see you read comics outside your normal selection. There’s nothing anyone can do about the latter, we all buy what we buy, I’m sure a lot of people question my buying habits, at least you read GOOD comics, but if you’d like some help with the former I’d be glad to! Or you can pop over to haloscan and open up a free account, they should give you all the html info you need.

  2. Jason

    I think it’s well written but if you want something more than that I would suggest you carve out a niche. So many comic bloggers do the links, solicitations, review repeat that it becomes difficult to pick the good ones out of the crowd. It all sort of becomes white noise – I think you should try to find something that sets you apart, some theme or delivery method.

    Just my two cents.

  3. Greg

    I’m with Jason. And Logan, for that matter. Damn, I’m bad at this. I just like that you give me publicity. Thanks.

    I think you should become more angry, bitter, and sullen. And British. You need more “guv’ners” and “cheeky monkeys” in your blog.

  4. Mark Fossen

    I understand what Jason’s saying, especially if you’re looking for more notice and recognition. I think the most important thing is to focus on your goals with the blog.

    What are you trying to accomplish? Why are you doing it? If you keep focusing on that, I think you’ll at least be happy with it … as the rest (visitors, fame, etc.) is pretty much out of your control.

  5. James Meeley

    The only thing I’d suggest, is maybe do something that a little more in the way of fun here. I like the reveiws and commentary on things, but comics are also supposed to be fun.

    I’ve done that at myt blog with things like my “10 Greatest Comic Battles Ever” list and my new “Underappreciated Masters” piece, in which I talk a little about an old school creator who did a lot of work, but never got the fame and recognition that others did and give some suggestions on issues of their’s to check out.

    I think doing stuff like that helps make a person’s blog, not only different from other blogs, but adds a bit of enjoyment for both yourself and your readers.

    All that said, I really do like the blog overall. You just need to “let your hair down a little”. 🙂

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