Letters Page: Challengers of the Unknown #9

My printed letters of comment – Challengers of the Unknown #9

After all the light negativity of my Trimming the Collection posts, I thought I would let some of my old positivity take centre stage for a bit.

Here is a scan of my printed letter in The Challengers of the Unknown #9 of the late ’90s:My letter printed in The Challengers of the Unknown #9

As a fan of comics, getting a letter printed was brilliant, and I’m still happy about it to this day. However, looking back over this, I did go a bit overboard in my discussion of the book. They must not have been getting many letters at the time, if they printed this one. Still, it doesn’t diminish my feeling of being connected to history, having my name in the back of a comic book. A small thing, in the grand scheme of things, but a nice one nonetheless.

I enjoyed the incarnation of the team, helped by the wonderfully moody art of John Paul Leon, and was sad to see it end at #18. However, it was fun while it lasted, as my letter hopefully shows.

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