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My printed letters of comment – Transmetropolitan #7

(Apologies for the two images – the letter was printed over two pages, and my limited Photoshop skills couldn’t seamlessly blend them together again, even with help from all the King’s horses AND all the King’s men, useless bastards.)

Having a letter printed in a comic book is great, in my opinion. So, all my letters printed are special to me. But I think that this one edges out by an angstrom unit in its specialness.

There’s the fact that it’s in a Warren Ellis comic, compounded by the fact that it’s Transmetropolitan, Warren’s best work. He has created many great comics, from Planetary to The Authority to Fell to Desolation Jones, but this is his masterpiece. Spider Jerusalem was the perfect conduit for all the ways in which Ellis is a great writer, and Darick Robertson was a brilliant artist throughout the entire series. And I got a letter in it. Also, it was in reaction to the first issue, so it got in on the ground floor, so to speak.

There were also other bonuses. This letter got an immediate email reply from Stuart Moore, the editor (or ‘whorehopper’), saying how it reminded him of the way he felt about New York. That was pretty cool, in my limited world experience. Also, in another letter I wrote (but didn’t get published, I’m not greedy), I think it might have been about issue 6, I made mention of how Darick’s art didn’t look as good as normal. I got a reply from Darick thanking me for noticing how all his hard work had been muddied by the inker. That was also pretty cool.

Finally, there was just the visceral response of the emotion in the letter. Transmetropolitan #1 was a cracking book, and I just poured out my reactions, barely any editing, and this immediacy found its way into the very book it was praising. This connection to the books we read is one of the many great aspects about the world of comic books, and this one gives me a sense of time and place, kept forever in series I adore. All in all, that’s a good feeling.

My letter printed in Transmetropolitan #7 (part 1)
My letter printed in Transmetropolitan # 7 (part 2)

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