Comics That Are New and Episodes That Are Who

New Comics! They want me to buy them, the little minxes!

Runaways #16
I’m not sure if the second series has been as strong as the first. Perhaps it was because it was a more-complete story, I’m not sure, but it hasn’t hit the highs that the first run did. I could be blinkered. I’m hoping that Vaughan brings some magic (and his cliff-hanger fun) to stop me from becoming so jaded.

Queen & Country #30
Well, would you Adam’n’Eve it? Queen & Country as a regularly published comic book. I haven’t read the novels that supposedly come in the middle here, so don’t know if I will be able to read this until I have, but I will buy the comic because (A) I enjoy it immensely and (B) it is a b&w book from an indie publisher that needs the support.


As that was a shorter poster than I had hoped, a few thoughts on last week’s Dr Who episode, The Idiot’s Lantern.

A bit silly, but fun.

Well, I had better write more than that.

It was a nice idea of having the television as a vehicle of evil on a television show, especially at a time when it was just finding its feet. There were some nice lines, as would be hoped from one of the League of Gentlemen stars/writers. Talking of Mark Gatiss, I wondered if the Tom character was a bit of author substitute, allowing him to be part of the Who mythos, with the intelligent but sensitive nature, the ‘Mummy’s boy’ jibing for homosexuality, and getting to save the day. No complaint, just an observation. Another enjoyable aspect was the absence of Piper from much of the episode, making for nice change and a relief to both eyes and ears, as I still find her tremendously annoying. Tenant trys to be unexpectedly menacing, but he doesn’t quite reach the necessary mix of threat and wild-eyed madness. Will he have the breakdown of the lonely god? Will it be due to not regenerating properly in the Christmas episode? We shall see.

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