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DC August solicitations

No intro. Let’s do it.

Much as I like a bit of Matt Wagner, I won’t be getting his Batman Year 1.5 stories. However, Batman and the Mad Monk is wonderfully silly title, and he draws a cool Bats.

What a great byline: ‘What do you get when you add one Batman, fifty Ninja Man-Bats and the British Prime Minister’s wife?’ Grant Morrison on Batman is a beautiful thing.

52 weeks – Lobo? Really? Lobo? Wow … I mean, even with Giffen on board, it’s still Lobo.

JLA Classified #26 sees a 5-parter from Peter Milligan – does he only do mainstream stuff now? Did he give up after Human Target was cancelled? Shame if it is.

Justice League of America gets yet another restart. For the big guns of DC, how many times has this series been revamped? That’s not exactly inspiring. Why can’t they seem to get it right?

I’m not reading Justice, which seems to be Alex Ross saying, ‘This is the way things should be, so yah boo sucks to you’, but does Ross think that all his covers are iconic classics? Does he only do static poses of classic heroes? That seems a little limited …

Is there a pool on how long the new Martian Manhunter series will last? Do people love J’onn J’onnz enough again? I don’t think so, and I quite liked John Ostrander’s series.

Big shout out for Solo #12, presenting the bizarre and warped art of Brendan McCarthy. A man who sees the world through an hallucinogenic eye, without the need for drugs.

For some reason, seeing the title, Trials of Shazam, makes me think of the lawsuit the original DC had against the original publishers of Captain Marvel.

The new addition to my pull list has to be The Boys by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, which looks like it will be a whole lot of fun from two top talents. Bring on the comedy/violence/sickness/superhero-mocking.

Vertigo has some great covers, such as 100 Bullets #75 and Bite Club: VCU #5, meaning James Jean doesn’t win the cover of the month award.

I finally get to read the end of The Losers, the excellent series by Diggle & Jock, as the Endgame collects the last issues. I have been studiously avoiding reviews of the series, so I can’t wait for this.

The final comedy mention goes to the Power Girl Bust. Firstly, having a line called WOMEN OF THE DC UNIVERSE BUSTS is simply hysterical; I mean, do you say it with the tongue in cheek, or were they seriously expecting irony-free announcement of that? Secondly, the Bust itself is spectacular, in both senses of the phrase, as it is firstly unbelievable, and because it brings a Adam Hughes figure into three dimensions, the third dimension being particularly important. Hilarious.

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