Are You Going To Buy Comics To Review?

Are You Going To Buy Comics To Review?

The weekend didn’t quite turn out the way I had anticipated; I couldn’t get my comics and haven’t read my New Avengers back issues yet, so I’m just going to groove on a wave of unrelated synaptic firings.

UltravioletBecause I have a disturbing weakness for watching really bad films about strong females in sexy outfits being violent in genre action flicks (cough, Underworld, cough), and because I rather liked Equilibrium, I bizarrely want to see Ultraviolet, even though I know it will be bad (Empire says so, and Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t lie). However, I don’t want to pay good money to see it – that would be stupid. The only problem is that the film is only on in two cinemas in the centre of London; it would appear that everyone knows it is going to be a big pile of poo and decided not to book it in their theatres. This I find rather funny.

Thanks to John at Soreeyes pointing out that Battlestar Galactica was starting on Sky Three (first shown on Thursday but repeated on Saturday), I was able to finally catch the show that has been getting nothing but good reviews. This didn’t prepare me for the quality of the stuff in this double episode, which got me immediately hooked and eager to see more. The only question I had was, ‘Why Sky Three?’ Surely this has Sky One written all over it? Anyway, I don’t care – really good stuff, and the mini-series DVD is now on my rental queue.

I saw Broken Flowers on DVD; as my girlfriend put, I’m glad I didn’t see that in the cinema. Watching it drained any desire in me to write a review, which would probably have included phrases such as ‘slow’ and ‘why have famous actresses doing nothing more than cameos?’ (Chloe Sevigny and Tilda Swinton barely get more than a few lines of dialogue). So, other than to say that it was well made and Bill Murray is always watchable, I hope I never see the film again.

Happy 2-year blogiversary to the incomparable Tom The Dog, writer of many quality posts and a man with impeccable taste.

I wanted to have a link somewhere to the FilmWise invisibles site, because I had forgotten about it and recently rediscovered it. A testament to the power of film and the power of Adobe Photoshop.

I had a moment of comedy expectations leading to disbelief over the weekend. There was an advert on television. It was three pretty lasses singing a cover version of Scarborough Fair while wandering around a forest. It then cut to the same girls in different flowing dresses and perhaps a different forest, but this time they were singing a cover Kiss From A Rose. There wasn’t a voice-over, and it looked really bizarre; so bizarre, in fact, I was convinced it was a piss-take, hopefully leading into the announcement of a new comedy show. Except, it didn’t. It announced that it was the new CD from Triniti, a trio of Dublin colleens, who actually exist [EDIT: website no longer exists]. I was stunned by it. I thought it had to be a joke, there was no way it could be real. You know what it reminded me of? That bit in Blackadder II, the Bells episode, where Blackadder is walking along to a K-Tel-like advert for love songs: ‘My Love is a Prick (On a Tudor Rose), Hot Sex Madrigal in the Middle of my Tights and many, many more …’ BUT THIS WAS GENUINE!

Hopefully, I will actually get around to reading some comics and doing the whole reviewing thing I seem to enjoy so much. Feel free to join me.

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