No Comics Again? Am I That Unlucky?

No new comics again this week. I’m getting worried I’m not buying enough comics. Not that my bank balance is complaining, stingy bastard that I am, but it’s weird that I’m not getting a regular dose of the new comic book.

Is it just my turning into a grumpy old git, moaning about how things were better in the old days? (Not really; old comics could be shit as well, and it’s only blogging that makes me more aware of my comics-buying habit.)

Or is it just coincidence, a couple of weeks without anything on my subscription list for me to pick up at the shop? Probably. I know I should use the ‘saved’ money (as if) to try something new and different and support the industry, but, without the impetus of books that I know I want to read, it’s hard to make blind leap on the basis that I MIGHT find something good, possibly, maybe, perhaps.

Anyway, it’s not that I’m losing my love of comic books or getting burned out by them, so it’s not the end of the world. It just gives me more time to read some old stuff and perhaps write about it, seeing if they hold up, or if they should end up in the Trimming the Collection pile.

So, to distract you from lack of content, I point you in the direction of other things to amuse and entertain.

Brian at CSBG points you in the direction of a very funny House of M parody done with action figures.

And Paul O’Brien talks about his favourite comics over at Ninth Art.

I hope that keeps you busy for a while.

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