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DC Comics Solicitations for October

Life (and the amazing rarity of wonderful British sunshine) meant that I didn’t buy my comics for last week and I didn’t see Superman Returns. I feel ashamed to the pit of my soul, which is why I find it ironic that my next topic of discussion is upcoming comics (that I will buy much later than when they come out) from DC Comics.

DC solicitations for October

Seven Soldiers #1
A rather uninspiring cover protects the final issue of the Morrison maxi-series. I’ve been waiting ages for this to be solicited, so I’m really looking forward to finding out how it all pans out. It also means that I can sit down again and read it all in one sitting and see what I’ve missed.

The Authority #1
The delicious-sounding combination of Grant Morrison and Gene Ha take on The Authority, the super team that seems to be batted willy-nilly between creators (Ellis to Millar, nutmegging Peyer, chased by Robbie Morrison, punted to Brubaker, a substitute by John Ridley, and some silliness from Ennis). If anyone can make The Authority great again, it’s Grant, so the potential for this bimonthly title is huge, and some sumptuous art from Ha to make it even more lovely. (However, the cover is a little bland.)

Astro City: The Dark Age Book 2 #1
This will probably read better in the trade, but Astro City is too enjoyable not to buy the comics, even if Anderson’s art is losing some of its shine. (Despite his static figure work, Ross’ art is preferable – the cover is very good.) Busiek always brings out something a little special in his Astro City work, and this big storyline should be even more distinctive.

Desolation Jones #7
I really enjoyed the first arc of Desolation Jones – I think it’s a great vehicle for Ellis’s story sensibilities – and it was a shame to see the evocative art of JH Williams go. Still, the new artist Danijel Zezelj seems like an interesting choice, based on the cover alone, so I can’t wait for more DJ, even if it is only bimonthly.

Planetary #26
I have to mention this because it is a wonderful thing to see Planetary on the schedules. This is something for the long-time fans of the series to relish, where things are brought to a conclusion (epilogue pending). This has been a fantastic series, with an interesting premise told in almost poetic form and with stunning art. It will be a shame to see it go, but the delayed schedule of late has made the parting something we’ve got used to.

Notes on the solicitations:

  • What the hell is Wildstorm doing A Nightmare On Elm Street – surely that’s Avatar territory?
  • I’m sure Neil Gaiman’s bank balance loves the idea of the hardcovers, but what kind of extras justify the $99 price tag? Going back to the well one more time …
  • Skimpy women covers – Supergirl #11: you can see her thinking, ‘Can everyone see up my skirt? Is this really the best choice of costume? Can my skirt twirl anymore without showing my pudenda?’; Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters # – a classic porn costume of covering everything else but being skimpy around the breasts and pants areas. She looks like she’s in the middle of a porn film, jerking off the Invisible Man at superspeed (which is why there is a special light affect on her wrist). If you want to draw naked women on the cover, 100 Bullets #77 shows you how to do it with class.

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