No Content, Just Commiserations

No Content, Just Commiserations

So, there will be no posting today. For several reasons.

1. I was away from town all weekend, so no comics were purchased. AGAIN. This is getting a little embarrassing …

2. England were knocked out of the World Cup this weekend, leaving me in no mood for being creative. The game was fairly even, but the penalties were just diabolical. Lampard and Gerrard should have scored theirs, no excuses. Penalties are a terrible way to exit a tournament, but England seem to be making it their very own. And, with both Brazil and Argentina being unexpectedly knocked out, it was the best opportunity for England to win it. Personally, I now want an Italy–France final, especially as they both started quite poorly but have gotten better. The World Cup – breaker of hearts.

3. I can’t even do any linkblogging, as everyone seems to be talking about Superman Returns, which doesn’t come out here for another two weeks yet, and I don’t want to spoil things for myself. I will leave you with the best review I have seen of the film, by Scott Kurtz:

PvP Superman Review

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