Film Review: Holes

Disney films are usually shoddy, hackneyed pieces of merchandise advertising or require insulin injections to combat the nauseating levels of sentimentality in them. I generalise, of course, because I am a blogger – it’s part of the job description.

However, Holes is not any of those things. It is a film about kids that doesn’t have a message to preach or lesson to teach; it just tells an engaging story, with a flashback structure that fills in the details as you go along. (This reveals the fact that it is based on a novel.) It helps that it has a ‘grown-up’ director, in the form of Andrew ‘The Fugitive’ Davis, and some classy adult actors (Sigourney Weaver, Jon Voight, Tim Blake Nelson) who don’t go overtop as the ‘villains’ of the piece.

I will admit to being pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable the whole endeavour was, as our hero is sent off to a strange labour camp in the middle of Texas to dig holes, only for the stories of the ‘curse’ on the males of his family and the legendary female cowgirl converge with the mistreatment of our protagonist and his friend. An undemanding joy.

Rating: VID

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