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Brain Dump: I’m Sorry For Finding This Sexy

I have seen this image, six foot high, adorning the walls of London Underground EVERYWHERE this week. In the short tunnel down from the District line platform to the Piccadilly line platform, there are three alone. It’s not quite the same as the small image I’ve posted here; the author’s name isn’t so large on the poster (this is the paperback cover) and there’s a little more space on the left side, but you get the idea.

And it’s haunting me.

Now, I don’t particularly find Posh that attractive. She’s not ugly but she’s not gorgeous. She’s pretty in a plain way, and she looks good in photos. However, I find this image very erotic.

It’s not her necessarily; she poses well, with the pout copied from the porn star look (which Greg Land will no doubt be using for photo reference some time soon) and the hair artfully falling down the face. But it’s too do with the sensuality of the upper half of her body covered (and Posh must be one of the only thin women who can wear hoops and not appear fat; I thought women would only wear stripes …) but the legs are naked to the high heels. That is damned sexy to me. The hint of knickers makes the image even more alluring, for some reason, even though the lack of underwear would be even more erotic. I can’t stop looking at it when I see it.

The reason for this strange attraction is because the ensemble reminds me of my earliest memory of finding something sexy: the video for Denis by Blondie, with Debbie Harry in a red-striped bathing suit and a blazer. It stirred things in me at a very young age, and that connection has never gone away. (Tom the Dog recently did an A-Z of his Objects of Affection; it had Angie Dickinson in a top and shoes and nothing else, and I found her attractive for the first time ever.)

And for the last week, I keep seeing this everywhere I have travelled. It’s very distracting, also because I don’t want to feel that towards Victoria Beckham. Hopefully, by talking about it in this post, I hope to have cathartically removed it from my system. Or hope that they take the posters down soon (it’s a bit early for the Christmas book rush, isn’t it?).

Back to normal posting next. Thanks for indulging me.

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