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Undecided on whether to add to the blogroll or not, I shall make use of this post to have a record of some interesting blogs that have appeared in the last couple of weeks.

Greatest Movie Deaths of All Time – featuring video clips of carefully selected film deaths. Not much in the way of commentary, but you have to admire the focus.

Nad Shot – talking about focus, this blog is a collection of scans from comics of people being getting it in the groin. It’s wonderfully bizarre, and strangely hypnotic. Again, no commentary, but is it really needed?

Todd’s Blog – Todd Klein, best letterer and designer in the biz, talks about stuff. His recent series of posts on the different X-Men logos over the years was absolutely fascinating.

Stephen Fry’s blog – only two huge entries so far, but anything from the wonderful Mr Fry is a delight. Informed, full of anecdotes, funny and engaging – more please.

Stan Sakai’s livejournal site – although I would prefer Stan to knuckle down and create as much Usagi Yojimbo product as possible, I will allow him the time to post his thoughts on various topics whenever he has a free moment.

Andrew Collins’ blog – “scriptwriter, journalist and broadcaster” journalist (NME, editor of Q for a while), presenter (I fondly remember Collins and Maconie’s Movie Club, a late-night film review show on ITV back in 1997), autobiographer, sitcom writer (Not Going Out), Film Editor of Radio Times, former editor of Empire magazine, radio DJ (Collins & Maconie’s Hit Parade on Radio 1, latterly on BBC Radio 6). He’s even written for Eastenders … Interesting to read someone with such a diverse media background writing for fun.

Short List – not strictly a blog, as it is the site for a free weekly newspaper, but it updates regularly so qualifies on that basis alone. Lists are half of blog content anyway, and these have a refreshing twist – the paper had a list of top ten crisps with their movie equivalents.

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