Time-Saving Idea

So, the clocks have just gone back this weekend, as we return to GMT from British Summertime. Apart from all the stupid people going on about how dark it gets so early, the best aspect of this is the lovely extra hour of sleep most people get on Sunday morning. Which got me thinking.

Everyone loves an extra hour of sleep, especially on a Sunday after a hard Friday/Saturday. Those recaptured 60 minutes revives and gives you more time for the last day before the week starts again. So wouldn’t it be good to give that to people more often? But where would we lose the extra hour in the first place in order to gain it on a Sunday morning?

And then it hit me.

Friday 4pm – everyone leaves work early on a Friday afternoon anyway, watching the clock until the weekend starts, so why not make it official? Turn the clocks forward to 5pm at 4pm on a Friday afternoon, then turn them back again on Sunday. It’s a win–win situation. How could anybody object?

So, who’s with me? Official campaign to make this a weekly event?

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