Black Dossier Blackout

I am British and a fan of Alan Moore and Kev O’Neill’s The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, so was unhappy about the fact that DC went back on their position of distributing The Black Dossier worldwide, keeping it just for the US. However, I had been made aware that I might be able to get the book through certain under-the-counter means (in a perfectly legal fashion), so I didn’t bitch about.

Unfortunately, I have now been told that the book won’t be making it to these shores by the methods I had originally thought, and I won’t be getting my hands on a copy. This is sad. Therefore, I have to ignore all the reviews of The Black Dossier that will be hitting the blogaxy, and try not to act like a petulant child. Bugger and blast.

Guess I’ll have to use that work trip to the US office sooner than I thought …

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