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Make Mine Marvel, But With Errors

For Christmas, my lovely girlfriend got me a Marvel calendar – a lovely gift, with each month highlighting a different Marvel hero or villain or team. At the side of the diary section, there is a classic cover with an introduction to the character (for those who don’t know anything about them). For some reason, I read the entry for October in detail and discovered that the makers of the calendar are either lazy or they don’t care.

Highlighted in red on the scanned image above are three typos – the first word is spelled incorrectly! – in a total of 56 words. I know that words are not considered as important as the pictures when it comes to comic books, but come on – they couldn’t even be bothered to get somebody who could spell to look at this. It’s insulting. I’ll let them get away with the ungainly length of the sentence (were they scared of punctuation?), but not proofreading a product that contains words is disrespecting your audience. People learn to read from comic books and related products – allowing typos just confirms the negative image associated with reading comic books. Bad show, Marvel.

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