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Comics I Bought 23 July 2009

Only two comics? On the day that San Diego Comic-Con began? That’s some sort of universal imbalance right there. Or it’s some sort of karma to enable me to write some notes about them, or something. Anyway, onto the thoughts, as we mourn the passing of a comic that was cancelled before its time (and joined a growing list of books of high quality that didn’t get the sales they deserved).

Captain Britain and MI:13 #15
Simply perfect. Cornell and Kirk have been a great team on this book, and they’ve finished off in style. Kirk’s pencils never looked sharper and Cornell crafted a truly satisfying ending to the Dracula invasion story, with double and triple crosses coming together to bring a smile to my face. The return of Meggan, good guys winning, ‘hide the original’, the splash page for the ‘SAS’ (Dark Angel? Death’s Head? Hooray for Marvel UK) and the splash page for Excalibur winning the day. The only thing that topped it? The final ‘You have been watching’ page – a delight. Thank you Messrs Cornell and Kirk. It was fun while it lasted.

Herogasm #3
I don’t think I’ve ever had this thought about Ennis before, but this issue felt like he was padding out for the trade. He seems to be going a long way about telling this story, and that’s an unusual turn of events for the superlative storyteller that Ennis really is. I’m reading this because I’m enjoying what he is doing with the look at a superhero universe of his own creation, and this mini-series is supposed to be critical to the development of his overall story. However, I’m reading this series without the usual level of entertainment I expect from an Ennis comic book. I would also have liked McCrea to bring his Hitman art to the table – the closest I saw was the final splash page. Am I too critical? Nah, I’m a blogger …

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