This Is Me Not Blogging

I’ve posted something on this blog every day for the month, something I dedicated myself to doing at the beginning of the year. The entirety of the month of January – thirty-one posts for thirty-one days. Yay me.

This is not a massive achievement, but I’m quite happy about it. However, today I won’t be posting anything of substance. I’m tired. I’ve been away for a long weekend (although I did set up my posts for while I was away) and I want a bit of a rest.

So, consider this a breather from my current routine of ‘entertainment journal’. I’m trying to catch up on my Google Reader (I’ve been reading for a long time already, and I’ve still got to hit the ‘1000+’ mark), and I’ve checked out the trailer for The Losers (shame they’ve changed the Aisha angle of the story), and I was happily distracted by the news that the DGA has awarded Kathryn Bigelow best director for The Hurt Locker, the first woman to win the award (which is usually an indicator of the winner of the Academy Award for best directing – I really don’t want James Cameron to win). I’m exhausted and and can’t summon the energy to write a ‘proper’ blog post.

I’ll be back to writing about the comic books, films, television programmes, trade paperbacks, ‘proper’ books and DVDs I’ve consumed tomorrow, and this can be considered a cheap way for me to keep up my promise to myself of posting something every day. That’s allowed, right?

[Edit: I could have sworn I posted this. I’m not cheating by posting this today. Honest.]

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