Comics I Bought 5 November 2009

Comics I Bought 5 November 2009

As I try to be honest in all things, I should point out that I am also buying Incredible Hercules now, but I’m still catching up (I recently purchased most of the missing back issues in a bargain from Gosh!), so Assault On New Olympus #1 was purchased, but I haven’t read it yet. On with the rest of the haul.

The Boys #36
The second part of Mother Milk’s ‘origin’, as we learn that he has an ex-wife and how Butcher helped him get his kid back. This continues the return to form, with both Ennis and Robertson on top form and telling a good story. When these two are on, The Boys is a really good book.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #30
I love the cover for this book – Adam Hughes draws a great visual. But that’s the best thing in the book; Georges Jeanty’s art is a little off and the story feels wrong somehow. There are some reveals – Riley was spying for them in Twilight’s camp (although Twilight knew all along), and Buffy seems to be levitating on the final page after the battle – but it lacks the spark that is the reason I read Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This arc has gone on too long, and something needs to change soon.

Doom Patrol #4
This issue of Doom Patrol sees the tie-in with Blackest Night, which I think would work better if I was more familiar with the history of the Doom Patrol (because I don’t get the full resonance here, even though Keith Giffen explains enough for the newbie like me). Still, there is nice dialogue between Cliff and Larry, which makes up for things. Justiano replaces Matt Clark on art and while he’s a good artist, I was getting used to Clark. The Metal Men second feature is a little silly – well, in comparison to normal – and spend too much time away from the Metal Men for my liking, but Kevin ‘Too Many Panels’ Maguire does his usual great job.

Herogasm #6
I can’t say I’ve enjoyed Herogasm – it seemed an unnecessary mini-series, it went too far into the cheap jokes, the art wasn’t as good as Robertson – so I’m glad it’s finished. There are some nice bits (such as the Mary Poppins gag), but it’s a tale of sacrifice that doesn’t have the full weight behind it because the story hasn’t been as good as Ennis can be. We’ll see what effect it has on The Boys regular series.

Stumptown #1
The best of the week is saved for last. This is really good – Greg Rucka has created a great character and an intriguing story, and Matthew Southworth (an artist I’m not familiar with) has done a phenomenal job to create the perfect mood for this story. There is an element of Michael Lark to his art, but a bit grittier, and he’s done a lot of work (as you can tell from his afterword). Rucka does a great job – Dex is a fascinating person, with flaws and principles, and the missing person plot is fleshed out in an interesting manner, so that it isn’t a cliché. This is a fully realised book from the first issue, and I really look forward to seeing this unfold.

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