And like Him, I have risen again

I was doing so well.

There I was, posting something every day since the beginning of the year – a personal record for me; the entirety of January, February and March have a daily post of nonsense. And then last week happened.

I had originally thought I could play it as an April Fool’s Day joke, having a completely blank post but with a title and a label, but I don’t do jokes (as you may have guessed from reading this blog) and of course it’s not very funny. So let me explain.

I was doing so well, writing several posts in advance for Monday through Wednesday because I knew I was going to be out three days in a row. I should point out that I never do this any more – I’m getting old and I obviously have no life because I write this blog, but I had a work function on Tuesday, going to see Kick-Ass on Wednesday, and a family function on Thursday. I was hoping to write my thoughts on Kick-Ass during Thursday, but work was a nightmare as people tried to get everything finished before the bank holiday weekend, so it didn’t happen and I didn’t have anything left in reserve. And I didn’t post anything.

I needed a rest, and I’m glad I stopped for a moment because I was a bit tired. And I decided to stop for a few days, instead of just getting straight back on the horse. But I’m back now, just to say that I’m back. And make silly comparisons to Jesus Christ – why is it they talk about Him rising again on the third day? Monday would be the third day after He died; Sunday is the second day: He died on Friday, so the first day after that is Saturday. Am I the only one who sees this? It’s Church’s obsession with the number three, which seems counterintuitive when the whole point was monotheism – they bang on about one god and then split him into three? (Yes, I am a former Catholic, why do you ask?)

I shall try to return to my daily posting routine again, with a quick diversion for a topical review of Kick-Ass (because we got it here in the UK before the US, which makes a nice change), before getting back to talking about films I saw in the cinema last year because I have only got up to the end of August, whereas I’ve done my comic book purchases up to December. So expect a lot of film notes in the coming weeks.

Back to blogging.

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