Blogging called off on account of headache

Is this cheating on my promise to myself of trying to blog every day? I really want to post something, but I’ve got a headache developing and I don’t have anything pre-written as a back-up. So I’m writing a few paragraphs to explain why I’m not posting. That definitely sounds like cheating.

I hope you don’t get headaches but, if you do, you’ll understand the frustration of the unpleasantness. I used to get migraines until I cut out chocolate and caffeine from my diet, so in some respects I should be grateful that it’s only a mild headache. However, the nagging sharpness in the front left of my skull doesn’t really make me feel lucky.

The only thing I can really do when I have this level of headache is to keep my brain distracted with entertainment but without necessarily engaging with it because I can’t really focus. Reading is a bit much, and writing anything requiring some thought is very difficult, hence no thoughts on comic books/films/televisions shows/books (I do put some thought into them, I promise). I thought I might do some linkblogging, but even that requires effort that I don’t have this evening.

Therefore, I’m giving myself the night off. Time to recover and come back fresh. The internet is full of interesting, funny, smart, weird and novel content; I’m sure you’ll find something to entertain you out there …

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