Blogging Defeat

I must concede defeat: today, I cannot keep my promise of writing something for the blog every day.

I’d hoped I would have a pre-prepared post kept aside for emergencies such as these but alas, no.

However, it should be pointed out that I wasn’t just sunning myself in the glorious sunshine that has been basking over London today, causing our local common to be littered with the dazzling white flesh of sun worshippers, burning their exposed flabby bodies and possibly causing skin cancer.

No, the reason I didn’t have the time to write anything for the blog is that I was doing a favour for a friend and editing their dissertation, because I am a nice bloke like that. I did this for most of the day in the aforementioned glorious sunshine, but that didn’t stop me from checking it thoroughly for spelling and grammatical errors, consistency, use of abbreviations, sense, flow and most tiresome of all the references (which were Harvard style, which is really annoying to check that they are all cited and in the reference list). Sympathy and cakes to the usual address.

Therefore, please feel free to find your internet entertainment elsewhere, or perhaps watch the finale of that Lost programme I’ve heard so much about …

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  • DM Osbon 23 May 2010 at 10:35 pm

    I managed to sweat up some while playing Red Dead' for a few hours but my own studying was not approached today.


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