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Comics I Bought 25 February 2010

A lot to get through in this post, with five books to cripple my bank account and entertain me.

Batman and Robin #9
Wasn’t I talking about issue 8 only the other day? This catch-up thing can confuse me … This is the final part of the zombie Batman three-parter, with Alfred standing up to him with a cricket bat. Best line goes to Dick: ‘I’m in the middle of a serious team-up.’ Fun comics from Morrison and Stewart.

Chronicles of Wormwood: Last Battle #3
I enjoyed the first Chronicles of Wormwood mini-series but I’m not enjoying this one so much; I don’t know if it’s the art by Oscar Jimenez, which feels over-rendered, or the direction of the story, but I don’t feel the same connection as before. There’s some interest in it, as Wormwood gives Maggie a brief glimpse of Heaven and Jay phones up a talk radio show and told them he was Jesus Christ, but it’s going to have to turn things around a lot before I start feeling it.

Fantastic Four #576
I’m worried: yes, Hickman is planning something; yes, Eaglesham draws a pretty comic; yes, it experiments with telling a lot of the story with no dialogue; but this doesn’t feel like an issue of a comic book. It feels like the precis of a comic book, just the notes that Hickman wrote to be filled out later. I’ve lost the sensation of the first few issues of this run and I’m not sure if it’s worth buying any more.

Usagi Yojimbo #126
If you want reliability, Stan Sakai is your man – this is another excellent issue of Usagi Yojimbo, and it’s really fun as well, as Usagi deals with a Nukekubi, a creature from Japanese folklore that is a flying that eats flesh, and yet still has a happy ending. The sort of book that leaves a smile on your face and a good feeling in your heart.

X-Factor #202
Peter David certainly knows how to do funny and he does good superhero comic books, but sometimes the pieces don’t quite fall into place. The conclusion to this story that started the renumbered X-Factor wasn’t as satisfying as the preceding chapters, as if it was trying too hard to be too clever. Still, not a failure by any means, with a well-handled Doom, learning about Layla’s reasons for staying with Doom and some fun with the Fantastic Four.

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