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Comics I Bought 25 March 2010

On the day that England went out of the World Cup, it’s time to talk about a few comics. Fortunately, I had Lego Harry Potter to entertain me instead of the football …

Nemesis #1
I really don’t know why I bought this – it’s a textbook example of a Mark Millar comic: a high concept (that other people have used before, but let’s ignore that …), boosted to the extreme in all sections, especially the violence, and with pop culture dialogue and referencing. I think that I have finally had my fill of Millar comics – this shall be my last one. Even Steve McNiven’s art isn’t enough to keep me entertained, because it’s not up to his usual standards, with an odd inking style instead of the clean lines of previous comics.

Supergod #3
On the other hand, there is Warren Ellis being Warren Ellis, and I haven’t had enough of his particular style of comic books. This is Ellis dialogue in the mouths of scientists and god-like beings created by scientists, examining the concept of the superhuman in a ‘real world’ situation. I’m enjoying this comic book, from the basic idea to the execution to the art by Garrie Gastonny to the fact that the line ‘Space Jesus’ was used in this book; what I’m not enjoying is the wait between books. Please pick up the pace, because I would like to find out what happens.

X-Factor #203
This comic should have a warning: the contents of the cover of this book do not occur inside. Unless I missed the dinosaurs somewhere … Still, the book has Guido cracking jokes and fighting Mindless Ones, Monet captured by Baron Mordo, in what is quite a diversion from the normal X-Factor storylines, particularly after they’ve just had the renumbering and the attending hype. I’m sure Peter David knows what he’s doing, but it’s an odd decision. Depends on if you enjoy David’s work, and I still do.

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