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Comics I Bought 15 April 2010

Time for some more rambling thoughts on comic books I purchased several months ago for reasons that seem to elude me at this precise moment in time. I think it’s the heat …

Fables #94
I’m definitely repeating myself when it comes to Fables: Bill Willingham writes a good story (Pinocchio trying to beat up the Blue Fairy for what she did to him, Sheriff Beast making a deal that sets up a plot for down the line, Mister Dark is still being evil, a potential coup is being considered, and Rose Red is about to hear the story of her life) and Mark Buckingham draws this book perfectly. It is a good book and it is consistently enjoyable. This issue is no different.

Powers #4
This is more like Powers: conversation and characterisation (Erika Broglia confessing to killing Z, Walker and Billy Mace catching up, the Daring Eagles making a decision in 1953, Walker remember past events). The dialogue is organic, the art is strong, and the story continues – an ending of sorts, but without complete resolution. Bendis and Oeming are back on track after last issue’s dip in quality.

The Unwritten #12
A break from the main story this issue, with a look at a story world a bit like Winnie The Pooh, but through the point of view a thief called Pauly Bruckner, who has been put into this world as a rabbit (called Mr Bun) when he tried to steal a map from Wilson Taylor, author of the Tommy Taylor novels and father of our protagonist. The juxtaposition of the cute world (drawn in a lovely style by Kurt Higgins and Zelda Devon) with the hilariously foul-mouthed human-as-rabbit is great and funny, and the issue speaks of deeper levels to the complexity of the world that Mike Carey and Peter Gross are creating with this comic book. Another good issue.

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