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Comics I Bought 29 April 2010

The final week of comics for April means I’m getting closer to my goal (well, one of my goals) of being up to date on my four-colour periodical purchases. I know this is a little odd, but it’s what I have to do.

Fantastic Four #578
Another issue of Fantastic Four leaves me flat. It’s like the original notes for the story before Hickman could turn it into the complete script, with minimal dialogue and explanation. It may look pretty – Eaglesham draws a lovely comic book – but I’m not feeling this at all. It’s not bad but it’s not interesting and not enjoyable, and it would have to be an INCREDIBLE pay-off to make it worth all this.

Stumptown #3
‘Girl, you’ve got the worst luck I’ve ever seen.’ This is a good book – Rucka and Southworth deliver an entertaining comic book that is a section in a larger story but delivers satisfying narrative thrills along the way. Our protagonist Dex is a smart person – she is shown working things out and making connections with the barest amount of information – but things don’t always work out smoothly for her, and you feel for her and the pain she feels doing her job. I’m really enjoying this book, with sharp dialogue and perfectly styled art.

Usagi Yojimbo #128
A complete story in a single issue? How old-fashioned … A demon monster attacks in the middle of the night in the small home of a family who have taken Usagi for the night – except it is all a dream, warning against eating too many sweets too fast before bedtime. Remember that, kids, because I don’t want to see Usagi die again … This also includes a picture puzzle on the back cover, squeezing even more entertainment into a wonderful package. Thank you, Stan Sakai.

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