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Comics I Bought 20 May 2010

Five comics in a week is a big haul for me, and a lot of books to talk about (although I won’t be talking about Atlas #1 just yet, which had the best cover of the week), so let’s get to it.

Chronicles of Wormwood: Last Battle #3
I really don’t like the wraparound covers to this series, and I’m still not sure about Oscar Jimenez’s interior art, but Garth Ennis can still tell a story. Whether it is good or not is another matter. It mostly seems to be about Ennis dealing with the concept of a typical bloke coming to terms with the idea of love and becoming a dad, but he does throw in a good joke about Wormwood tempting Jay with a television show for his lucid moments to announce his return. The stuff with the demonic Pope Jacko is a bit tiresome, which is the ‘action’ side of the plot, but one has to have conventions. At least there is Ennis’ way with dialogue to keep us entertained.

Ex Machina #49
Much like Y: The Last Man, Brian K Vaughan resolves his storyline in the penultimate issue of his series – presumably, next issue will be an epilogue. There is even a comic book reference – the ‘Nullifier’ plays a particular part in conclusion, which made me smile, as Mayor Hundred saves the day but with consequences. I have enjoyed this book, but it feels weird that it’s practically over but with an issue still left. Tony Harris’ art has evolved over the series – there are hints of Tommy Lee Edwards in it, especially this issue. I’m not sure what Vaughan will do in the last issue, but I’m sure it will be good.

Joe The Barbarian #5
I would write about this issue, but there’s a tear in my eye. Morrison had better not let anything happen to Jack … The star of the book is the art of Sean Murphy, and it is beautiful – the big huge shots of the dog guard, the flying, the real world, the expression in Joe’s face, it’s all fantastic stuff. I just don’t want to believe in THAT bit …

X-Factor #204
Has anyone seen my copy of X-Factor #204? I don’t seem to have it – I can’t find it anywhere. This is rather embarrassing – I can’t write my thoughts about it because I’ve completely forgotten what happened in it (with apologies to Peter David). I’m sure it was good but not great, but I wish I could locate it somewhere in the confines of my flat. And, because I’ve said to myself that I must post every day, I must blog this. This has to be a first, doesn’t it? Better luck next time.

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