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Pausing For Reflection

I’m taking a moment in my daily blogging schedule to step back from my goal (of discussing all the various entertainments I’ve consumed and getting up to date on them) and think about my blogging, so feel free to ignore this self-indulgence on my part.

I’m getting close to aim of being able to talk about comic books and films within a day of actual reading/seeing them – with Splice, I have now reviewed all the films I have seen up until last month, and I’ve talked about the comics I’ve bought up until the end of June. This means that, instead of several days of a theme of posts, I will have no structure to my posting schedule. I don’t know what to do when this happens.

I will only have two guaranteed posts a week – the film I see every week and the comics I buy each week – so I shall have to look to other areas to keep my daily blogging promise. I will probably revive an old regular post about comic book artists, which can be seen as a reviewing of the pencillers who have entertained me throughout my years of enjoying comic books, as well as trying to learn how to write about art (something I don’t do very well).

But the rest of it is going to be a challenge. I might write about comic books in my collection a bit more – I started with Staying In The Collection, based partly on Greg Burgas’ Comics You Should Own, but with more humility [only joking, Greg]), and there was a regular Trimming the Collection idea that looked at various books that I had bought but no longer enjoyed, which I might revive. However, I don’t think there were any other regular features that will be seeing the light of day again, which will still leave short a few days a week of content.

What will I do? I don’t know. There is the mixture of fear of the unknown and the anticipation of something new, and I’m not sure where it will lead. Will I start doing link blogging again? Probably not, but they are a routine post on blogs. Will I start posting images I like (which will mean less writing and effort)? Probably not – I have an entire blog for that (my Tumblr blog), so that would be redundant. Will I start commentating on news and other people’s thought-provoking posts? I’m not sure; I’m not very good at being timely, as should be apparent by now, but it might be a challenge to try. It will be, as the proverb says, interesting times, which is why I was thinking about it instead of writing any reviews. And I’ll get back to those tomorrow.

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  1. DM Osbon

    I've just added a load of titles to my monthly buy list & am sure I'll be culling a few eventually. I haven't sub to a monthly title in years!

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