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Comics I Bought 2 October 2010

It’s time to return to my thoughts on the new comics I buy on a (hoped for) weekly basis. I’m so close to being up to date, it looks like I’ll have no excuse for not talking about comic books bought that week. I’m not sure I how I feel about that … The books that arrived in UK comic shops on 30 September included Atlas #5, but I’ve already talked about Atlas in a post talking about the whole series, so that leaves one book:

Powers #6
The cover declares ‘All New Story!!’ and this does feel like Powers starting anew – after a nice visual gag (a splash page of the skyline with a golden statue of a hero turns to the next page where the statue has bird shit all over it), the story follows Walker and Sunrise on a typical Powers homicide, with cop black humour, and then revealing the extent of Sunrise’s investigation into whether or not Walker has powers, just before we see Walker in his role as the secret cosmic protector of Earth defeating a many-tentacled beast in the Andes. So far, a typical (good) issue of Powers. It is the next case that proves the starting point for the next story, as Walker and Sunrise are brought into the murder of Damocles, a supposedly immortal hero and ‘god’ (one of The Golden Ones, a group of ‘gods’ who only helped when they thought it was worthy of them), only for a great game-changing last page. It made me smile and opens up some interesting avenues of dramatic possibilities. It’s the type of thing that makes Powers so enjoyable. I look forward to the next issue.

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