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Superman #662‒664, 667 and Annual #13 by Kurt Busiek & Carlos Pacheco This second trade of Busiek & Pacheco’s run on Superman, finishing off the story started in the first Camelot Falls collection, which I reviewed here. To catch up: Arion has told Superman that Superman will be responsible for a dystopic future, due to his continued battle against evil,…

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Superman #654–658 by Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco Busiek and Pacheco are a good team (see Avengers Forever or Arrowsmith), so I was keen to see what they would do with the big blue boy scout. The accepted aspect is the lovely art – if you have a first page where Lois is in skimpy knickers and a t-shirt and…

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Superman/Batman: Absolute Power TPB by Jeph Loeb and Carlos Pacheco Despite my dislike of a previous Loeb-written story, I wanted to read this trade for two reasons: firstly, the majestically gorgeous art of Carlos Pacheco; secondly, I have a weakness for alternate dimension stories (and I do mean weakness – why else would I have owned this?). There is a…

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