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Due to various circumstances, I stopped my monthly subscription to a certain cinema chain that allowed me unlimited watching of films on actual proper film screens, with noisy people using their smartphones and coming in late and everything. This meant that I didn’t see many of the films that were in my area of interests (boo-hoo for developed-world problems). However,…

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[Yes, I said ‘trilogy’: to me, the fourth film is just the inspiration for a fun but silly Lego game, so I shall ignore it.] I recently watched the first three Indiana Jones films, and it got me thinking about them, so here are some of the thoughts that occurred to me while watching them again. Raiders Of The Lost…

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[Continuing a theme, here are some old notes on films I watched and wrote about and then promptly forgot about instead of posting them on the blog. However, these were just films I watched on television, rather than on DVD. It’s almost completely different.] Jude An adaptation of Thomas Hardy novel (Jude The Obscure), directed by Michael Winterbottom. Christopher Eccleston…

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[Yes, I’m still talking about films I saw on DVD a long time ago, wrote about and then forgot to post on my blog, but I’m now doing that very thing.] The Queen This is a television movie, pure and simple, but it is well done and has a strong performance from Helen Mirren – but Oscar worthy? I’m not…

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