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Hulk transformation masterpiece

Comic Book Artists: Dale Keown

This series of posts is about comic book artists whose work I like. The normal pattern is that I talk about the artist’s career and mention when I started enjoying the work and include various images by the artist. However, in this case, the text aspect will be a little lighter than normal because, unfortunately, there isn’t a huge amount…

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The Dragon: Blood & Guts cover

Comic Book Artist: Jason Pearson

I first saw Jason Pearson’s art back in the early 1990s. A chap with good taste had recommended the ‘Five Years Later’ Legion of Super-Heroes run, masterminded by Keith Giffen; I was unaware of the controversy surrounding the book at the time, but I thoroughly enjoyed the approach taken with the book (influenced, to my mind, by Watchmen). There were…

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The Flash: Race Against Time TP cover

Comic Book Artist: Mike Wieringo

This is one of my semi-regular posts about comic book artists whose work I enjoy, as I look at their work history and post some examples of their work. Today’s post is about a favourite artist who will unfortunately no longer produce any more of his great art. It was a great shock and loss when Mike Wieringo passed away at…

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Batman heroes by Jim Lee

Comic Book Artist: Jim Lee

I don’t know if it’s just my personal experience, or if it’s due to the fact that I grew up reading the X-Men, but Jim Lee is one of the defining superhero artists in comic books. His style instigated a host of imitators because it was the apotheosis of the slick and muscular mainstream comic book art of the 1990s.…

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Comic Book Artist: Gary Frank

I meant to do two of these a month, back when I was hoping to keep up a regular schedule. I’ve never done an art appreciation course, so I don’t have the critical facilities to objectively judge comic book art, which is why I wanted to try a series of posts looking at what I like and hopefully why. Today,…

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Comic Book Artist: Phil Jimenez

Phil Jimenez is the modern day George Perez. And I think he’s better than Perez. There, I said it. You may accuse me of heresy if you wish, but I would much rather read a Jimenez-drawn book than a Perez book. They both excel at drawing pages and panels that are filled with characters and detail, with excellent anatomy and…

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Comic Book Artist: Chris Sprouse

Chris Sprouse isn’t one of the flashy artists who work on a professional basis in comics but his solid, clear, crisp linework with his statuesque anatomies are the epitome of excellent comic book storytelling. The first work I saw by him was in 1993: Legionnaires, the spin-off of the teen version of the Legion of Super Heroes (part of the…

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Comic Book Artist: Tony Harris

If there was ever a case where an artist was so strongly associated with one project, and my appreciation of the artist, then it is Tony Harris and his work on Starman. There were over 80 issues of the mid-1990s series about Jack Knight, the youngest son of Ted Knight (the original Starman), but Harris didn’t even draw half of…

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