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The Old Guard movie poster

Notes On A Film: The Old Guard

In my recent review of first volume of The Old Guard collection, I said that I would review the film once it started streaming on Netflix, so this is me keeping that promise. Before I watched the film, I had low expectations because the reviews weren’t recommendations (of the two-star variety, although James Dyer of Empire magazine revised the recommendation…

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Deadpool 2 poster

Notes On A Film: Deadpool 2

There has been sufficient time since Deadpool 2 was in cinemas that I can write my thoughts about the film because I need to discuss spoilers in my reaction to it, and I know how people feel about spoilers in films they haven’t seen yet, because I’m one of those people. So, this is an official spoiler warning for events…

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Black Panther film poster

Notes On A Film: Black Panther

The fact that a Black Panther film exists is a great thing. The fact that it is a massive global success is a fantastic thing. The fact that it’s also a very good film is a wonderful thing. The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to be the most reliable place to get enjoyable superheroic films, as Black Panther provides the action,…

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Thor: Ragnarok poster

Notes On A Film – Thor: Ragnarok

Imagine someone telling you that, after the cinematic debut of Thor: The Dark World, the third Thor film would be an out-and-out comedy, and it would be as funny as hell – you would not believe them because it would sound bonkers. Well, now you have to apologise to this fictional person I’ve just invented for not saying that to…

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